Suggesting that the second season of The Mindy Project will find Mindy Kaling encountering and occasionally dating a succession of male guest stars (indeed, not unlike its first season), the Los Angeles Times reports that Timothy Olyphant has just been added to that ever-growing roster. Joining James Franco’s model-turned-OB/GYN, Adam Pally’s not-model-and-always-OB/GYN, and Kris Humphries as “ObgawnKrisHumphriesnomgarm,” Olyphant is set to play “a wild, professional skateboarder in his mid-forties who nearly runs Mindy over in Union Square before asking her out on a date,” thus fulfilling the longstanding "Fuck me" request Kaling made upon first encountering Olyphant on The Office. We’d say news of the Justified star playing a fortysomething skateboarder is the sort of thing you’d only see safely announced after Elmore Leonard is dead, but it’s probably just coincidence.