(Screengrab: Conan)

We all know that a lot goes into putting on a TV show, a process that mostly involves playing make-believe. But late-night talk shows have historically provided a place for celebrities to be more authentic, or rather, deliver their most down-to-earth anecdotes. When they settle into those couches or armchairs, actors and other artists just want to answer some prescreened questions and/or plug their latest project. Things don’t always go according to plan, so sometimes the hosts and performers have to wing it. Conan O’Brien’s the kind of guy who saves those moments of improvisation for posterity, in his annual clip shows titled Scrapisodes.

The third annual Scrapisode was just released, and it features clips from the April 27th episode, which saw Timothy Olyphant drop by to celebrate Mother’s Day a little early. The erstwhile Raylan Givens was joined by Jerrod Carmichael, who was promoting his now-renewed NBC comedy, The Carmichael Show. Rounding out the night’s guests was singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson, who actually taped his performance before Olyphant and Carmichael took the stage to charm the audience.


When O’Brien asks his guests to help him “introduce” the musical act as if Simpson hadn’t already left the building, they balk at the request. The host just reminds them—and the viewers—that this is the kind of fakery they’ve all signed up for, so they might as well play along. After being roughed up by Andy Richter, Olyphant dutifully goes along, but not before calling “bullshit” on the proceedings.