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Thanksgiving can be a stressful time of year, especially for the people hosting it. In addition to being responsible for moderating the dispute between the half of the family that wants to watch the Macy’s parade and the half that has an unreasonable amount of money on the Lions covering the spread, the host is in charge of the turkey. That means they have to both make sure the bird isn’t a dried-out mess, while also ensuring that no one gets salmonella.


Some music would really help de-stress the situation, and if that music could be used to time the turkey, so much the better. Thankfully, Spotify has made this possible with its Time For Turkey playlists. Put in how big your bird is, then choose a theme—the options include “Family Time,” “Golden Oldies,” “Feeling Thankful,” “Americana,” “Club Kitchen,” and “Freshly Baked”—and get cooking. You get a playlist that is the exact USDA recommended cooking time for your turkey.

You can check in out Spotify’s Time For Turkey here. Have a happy Thanksgiving, and remember, always check that your turkey is fully cooked before serving, and never, ever put money on the Lions.

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