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There's been a feeding frenzy online for every scrap of information about Lulu, the new album recorded in collaboration between Lou Reed and Metallica that will be released Nov. 1. Everybody seems to agree that Lulu will be terrible, and that belief has been re-affirmed by the music that's been released so far. And yet the internet's hunger for more seems to be growing with every off-key note and gurgle. With about three weeks to go before its release, Lulu has become the Snakes On A Plane of hotly anticipated albums.


Rather than running away from the public's scorn for Lulu, the album's creators have seemingly embraced it. What else explains Reed recently proclaiming that the record is "maybe the best thing done by anyone, ever"? The hubris (put-on or not) continues in a brief promotional interview clip for Lulu that has recently surfaced. "We don't really know where it's going, we don't know where it's going to take us, but it's sure as fuck an exciting ride to be on," says Lars Ulrich, and on that point we can certainly agree. (Also check out a "trailer" for Lulu below.) [Via Pitchfork]

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