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Time runs out on 24: Legacy

(Photo: Steve Dietl/FOX)

The big orange countdown clock in the sky has hit 00:00 for the 24 franchise once again, with Variety reporting that Fox’s much-hyped revival series 24: Legacy won’t be returning for a second season. Starring Corey Hawkins and Miranda Otto, the show attempted to explore whether audiences would tune in for the franchise’s signature blend of real-time shouting, running, and shooting without Jack Bauer there to gruffly welcome them in. (Apparently not.)

Still, Legacy’s cancellation might not spell the end for 24 on TV; 20th Century Fox TV is apparently looking to transform the show into an anthology series (which would presumably be a pretty easy fit, given how standalone the old 24’s season already were). Producers are apparently already working with the network on this new approach for the show.


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