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Time-lapse video illustrates 100 years of popular zombie evolution

What is it about zombies that’s so engrossing? They’ve been a point of fascination for comic-book fans, moviegoers, and gamers for decades. In 1944, the fiendish Solomon Grundy was an early revenant and foe of Green Lantern, 1985’s The Return Of The Living Dead introduced everyone to the concept of zombies eating brains, and lately there’s been a continuous stream of zombie-related video games coming out each year.

One of the most popular zombie games released last year was Dying Light. To date, the open-world, first-person survival game has sold over five million units. In an effort to promote the new standalone expansion Dying Light: The Following, Xbox has put together a gory video on zombies in the style of the ever-so-shared 100 Years of Beauty videos floating around YouTube.


The time-lapse video spotlights zombies from classics including Night Of The Living Dead, 28 Days Later, World War Z, and The Walking Dead. Each corpse comes with a brief explanation of how it was created, a list of its signature traits, and occasional tips on how to kill it. And, of course, it ends with a real-life version of Dying Light’s own rage-induced zombie, the Volatile.

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