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Tim Robbins to play the hapless dad in Alan Ball’s latest HBO show

(Photo: C Flanigan/Getty Images)

Tim Robbins is teaming back up with HBO, with Deadline reporting that the actor—who recently starred in and produced the network’s short-lived nuclear comedy The Brink—will take the lead role opposite Holly Hunter in Alan Ball’s untitled new show for the network. True to Ball’s non-vampire M.O., Robbins will play Greg Bishop, the patriarch of a family of secretly miserable and hallucination-prone intellectuals, most of whom have been adopted by him and his wife, Angie (Hunter).

HBO ordered the series last year, re-teaming with the creator of True Blood and Six Feet Under. Since then, it sounds like some of the current political climate has seeped into the show’s DNA, with Robbins’ character described as a man struggling to find his place in a world “in which it seems the bad guys have won.”


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