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Tim Meadows was upset Saturday Night Live didn't invite him back for "Bill Brasky"

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Saturday’s episode of SNL featured a reprise of the old “Bill Brasky” sketch, owing to the fact that Will Ferrell and David Koechner were there to help Paul Rudd promote Anchorman 2, and the fact that most One Direction fans heard “Bill Brasky” while in the womb, so it was a good way for the show to settle them down. But not everyone was so easily placated: Jilted “Brasky” veteran Tim Meadows (who usually played “The Guy Off To The Side”) took to his Facebook page to let everyone know how much it stung not to be invited back—something that’s happened only twice in the 13 years he’s been gone, while Kristen Wiig and Fred Armisen can just pop in and do Lawrence Welk whenever they want, apparently.

“I guess I know my place,” Meadows wrote, later adding, “I guess it just dawned on me that I mean NOTHING to them…. I'm just being overly sensitive. It doesn't matter in the long run. I'm grateful for what they did for me. But everyone [sic] in a while as a fan and a alumni, it stings a little to not even be considered as someone they would like to come back around… I'm nobody. NOBODY!!” As Meadows continued his rumination while at the Indianapolis Airport, site of so many moments of sobering self-examination, he bitterly added, “Sorry The Ladies Man bombed… if it would have done better they wouldn’t treat me like a red headed step child.” He also declared, “I will never watch SNL again… Fuck them.”

However, after some time, some concern from fellow SNL alumni Laraine Newman and Chris Rock (in the form of Facebook comments), a conversation with a friend who still works on the show—who told him the sketch was definitely “last minute”—and finally, some mimosas, Meadows brightened. “I acted like a baby. I'm happy for all of my friends success and will always be grateful and proud to have been a part of SNL,” he wrote, later adding, “I take back everything I said before.” The show now has the chance to really make it up to him/really make him pissed next week, when “Bill Brasky” alum John Goodman hosts.


Meanwhile, Mark McKinney still hasn’t said anything.

[via UPROXX]

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