After contributing to the unrelenting wave of Wizard Of Oz updates by selling Dorothy Must Die to The CW, another project under Heroes creator Tim Kring’s wing has found its way to the network. Kring will be one of three executive producers on Exp, a pilot script by Zach Craley (Kring’s assistant on Heroes) and Jarrett Lee Conaway. The script concerns a “foreign designer drug—engineered to make you faster, smarter, stronger, and better in every way…trafficked illegally into American high schools” that creates a story involving teens, police, and politicians—a premise that is essentially 21 Jump Street mixed with the Bradley Cooper vehicle Limitless. The CW has been a bit over-reliant on shows about supernaturally gifted teenagers, but that hasn’t prevented the network from stocking up on subtly different takes on the genre before. And a show about how superdrugs give high school kids ridiculous strength and intellect is sure to send all the right messages.