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Tim Kaine is doing just fine, jamming with Tommy Stinson now

Stinson on guitar, Kaine on harmonica (Screenshot: Facebook)

There will never be a cooler vice president than Joe Biden, but Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine, could have come close. The Democratic senator from the great state of Virginia was officially on the record as a Replacements fan. He recently posted on his Facebook page that he got to jam with ’Mats bassist Tommy Stinson (also of Guns N’ Roses, Bash & Pop, and Cowboys In The Campfire) last Saturday. Kaine posted that also in attendance were “Chip Roberts and Tripp and Jenny Johnson from Cary Street Ramblers.”

Not that this wasn’t already abundantly clear, but Kaine’s harp-playing here is already a million times cooler than anything Mike Pence has done in his entire life. (A look at the chips and salsa, cheese plate, and some empty glasses on the coffee table indicates that a good time was had by all.) Plus Pence couldn’t have gone anyway, because there was a woman other than “Mother” in the room. The 2016 election remains a tragedy, but at least Kaine appears to have moved on quite well.


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