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Tim Heidecker's On Cinema universe pivots to film in Mister America's first trailer

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Screenshot: Mister America (YouTube)

For years, shape-shifting actor, comedian, and musician Tim Heidecker’s been working with comedian Gregg Turkington in constructing a reality-bending shared universe that began with his comedic film review show, On Cinema, and extended to short-form series like Decker and The Tim Heidecker Murder Trial, musical project Dekkar, and even their own social media accounts. A while back, those keeping up with the narrative, which has found “Tim” increasingly adopting the right-wing views and victim narratives of the MAGA sect, may have noticed him mounting a campaign for San Bernadino district attorney. If you’re wondering what that was about, now you know: Heidecker was filming a political mockumentary, Mister America, which just got its very first trailer.

The below clip makes it clear that the film is most assuredly an extension of the On Cinema universe, as the fallout from the murder trial both spurs and hinders his political ambitions. Dekkar members Axiom and Manuel make an appearance, as does Turkington’s film-obsessed goober, here donning a very on brand promo hat for 2002's The Time Machine.

Here’s a synopsis:

A freshman filmmaker follows Tim Heidecker during the final month of his campaign for district attorney. What begins as a profile of an outsider candidate facing an uphill battle evolves into a study of toxic delusion as Tim’s motivations and controversial past begin to unravel his candidacy. Taking on a popular incumbent has found Tim and his inexperienced campaign manager outmatched. Low on funds, experience, and connections, Tim hits the streets in an attempt to connect with voters, but has difficulty winning over the community. With word of his campaign spreading, former associates of Tim try to warn the public with stories of bad business deals, strained friendships and a failed court case in which he found himself accused of murder. With days until the election and his campaign in free-fall, Tim has to confront the unexpected costs of pursuing his dream.


Magnolia Pictures will release Mister America with a series of one-night only screenings on October 9, with Heidecker and Turkington conducting a Q&A. It will also play later this month at L.A.’s Beyond Fest.

Randall Colburn is The A.V. Club's Internet Culture Editor. He lives in Chicago, occasionally writes plays, and was a talking head in Best Worst Movie, the documentary about Troll 2.

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