(Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rh1dhur4aI

As Inauguration Day wound down, many folks in the more politically disheartened regions of the internet found a new GIF fire to warm themselves around: a video of white supremacist and Nazi fan Richard Spencer getting decked in the face by an anonymous protester in D.C. For those (blissfully) unaware of Spencer, Wikipedia has a pretty succinct rundown of his views—a compendium of his beliefs in a “white ethno-state” that contains the phrase “peaceful ethnic cleansing,” in case you’re looking to calibrate your own, personal sense of how amusing it is to watch Spencer get sucker-punched, all while attempting to explain his Pepe The Frog pin.

For those Nazi-hating schadenfreude lovers, you now have your very own anthem: Pitchfork reports that Tim & Eric’s Tim Heidecker has penned a new song about the incident, preaching a message of tolerance and non-violence—except in this specific case.

“Richard Spencer” lends a kind of plonky, Randy Newman quality to the whole affair, with Heidecker singing his simple moral philosophy: “You can’t wish anyone dead / even if their baseball cap is red / But if you see Richard Spencer / Why don’t you punch him in the head?”

It seems that lots of people found creative inspiration in Spencer getting smacked, judging by the many remixes and GIFs people have made. These range from the fairly predictable “‘Guile’s Theme’ from Street Fighter II” remix to those set to Hamilton lines. There’s even a good old-fashioned Frozen drop.