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Tim Heidecker takes an unsettling vacation with Trump on new song

Photo: Timothy Norris/Getty Images

Tim Heidecker has helped provide a sunny soundtrack for the end of days, beginning with the anti-Trump tunes “Trump’s PIlot” and “Trump Talkin’ Nukes.” On his latest offering, “Mar-A-Lago,”the Decker: Classified star jets down to Florida to take in the rays with Donald Trump and his family, who apparently vacation in rather close quarters.


Over some smooth island beats, Heidecker describes the trip from Trump’s point of view, which naturally lands on golden things and a big penis. These wasteful trips are more than just a thumb in the eye to taxpayers, though. According to Heidecker’s song, Trump leaves the White House as frequently as he does because he think it’s haunted, presumably by some competent ghost, which would truly be frightening for President Twitter. You can stream ”Mar-A-Lago” on SoundCloud for now, but if you purchase the download via BandCamp, all proceeds are going to the Everglades Foundation, which will almost certainly fall victim to one of Trump’s forthcoming edicts at some point.

[via Pitchfork]

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