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Offering further proof that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain has inappropriately touched a national nerve, Tim Heidecker has debuted Cainthology (Songs In The Key Of Cain), a nine-song musical ode to the man who long ago invited everyone aboard the “Cain Train” before that started to sound dirty and unfortunate. As you may recall, Heidecker was one of the first to grab a seat, creating his own “Cain Train” video shortly after the Cain campaign paid unwitting tribute to Tim And Eric’s hypnotically awkward amateurishness with its creepy video of Mark Block having a smoke while Cain smiled as he imagined all the ways he’d like to offer you a job, baby.


Heidecker apparently had such fun with “Cain Train” that, within a matter of days, he’d churned out several more Cain songs, all of which he’s compiled into an EP that you can download right now at LittleRecordCompany.com and on iTunes and Amazon beginning November 11, with all proceeds benefitting the VIP Community Mental Health Center’s violence intervention program. Featuring tracks like “Cain Train Baby,” “Pray For Cain,” and “Cain Is Able,” Cainthology is guaranteed to fill you up with Herman Cain in a way that won’t lead to any Gloria Allred press conferences.

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