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Always eager to comment on the news of the day, Tim Heidecker has written and recorded a Bob Dylan-esque tune remarking on Dylan being awarded the Nobel Prize in literature.

“Talkin’ Nobel Prize” is sparsely recorded, featuring nothing more than folksy acoustic guitar and echoing vocals. Heidecker’s Dylan impersonation is serviceable (if arguably too easy to make out the lyrics), and recalls more of Dylan’s later works rather than his classic ’60s output. The all-important lyrics appear to be taking the piss out of Dylan receiving an award like the Nobel­, and with lyrics like “take your medal and throw it away” and “see how I despise the prize,” suggesting that the singer should reject the award. It would appear Heidecker is implying that the Dylan of the ’60s—the era that arguably won Dylan the prize—would decline to accept.


Heidecker has parodied Dylan before, with a 15-minute version of Dylan’s then-unreleased 14 minute song about the Titanic. Earlier this year, the absurdist comedian released In Glendale, an somewhat earnest album of original material influenced by Randy Newman, Harry Nilsson, and Warren Zevon.

“Talkin’ Nobel Prize” is now streaming on Soundcloud.

[VIA] Pitchfork

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