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Tim Heidecker makes an ominous debut in this exclusive Portlandia clip

The new season of Portlandia has been as packed as ever with guest stars, including Kyle MacLachlan and Kumail Nanjiani (who are practically regulars), as well as Judy Greer and Maria Bamford. This week, the series will welcome one of its most anticipated guest stars—Tim Heidecker, who’s hosted Portlandia co-creator Fred Armisen on one of his sketch shows. The Decker: Unclassified star plays a humane exterminator hired by Nina and Lance (Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, respectively). The A.V. Club is exclusively premiering this clip from the February 23 episode, which suggests that Heidecker’s oxymoronic job description might just be a ruse.

Find out what nefarious or ridiculous scheme Heidecker is hatching when Portlandia airs Thursday at 10 p.m. ET.


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