(Photo: Getty Images, Daniel Zuchnik)

Yesterday, we reported that comedian Eric Andre had crashed a rally outside the Republican National Convention being hosted by noted nutjob Alex Jones. It seemed like a strange bit (which is to be expected from Eric Andre), partly because it wasnā€™t clear if he was filming something for his Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim or if he was just there to stir the pot and make Jones look silly. Whatever he was doing, though, it turns out that Eric Andre isnā€™t the only weirdo comedian walking through Cleveland, as Tim Heideckerā€”another Adult Swim favoriteā€”posted a video on his Instagram yesterday of the same rally that Andre was at.

Apparently, Heidecker has actually been walking around outside the RNC doing comedy bits as well, and like Andre, itā€™s not clear if heā€™s doing this for anyone in particularā€™s benefit other than his Twitter followers and the people who manage to see him in action. Also, after Andre took over the Alex Jones rally, Heidecker tweeted at him as Jones:


He also continued that thread earlier today, when he did a surprisingly uncanny impression of Jones while hijacking a mic from someone reporting for his Infowars site:

Hereā€™s @timheidecker seizing the Infowars mic just now pic.twitter.com/OKioFACuaP

ā€” Drew Magary (@drewmagary) July 19, 2016

Heidecker has also been posting live videos on Facebook where he zooms really close in on peopleā€™s faces, conducts ironically respectful interviews with people on the street, and yells ā€œSenator!ā€ at everyone he sees (just in case theyā€™re a senator). In a way, his videos are a better way to learn about whatā€™s going on in Cleveland than what the normal media is offering. Who else is going to let you know about the people handing out porn?