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Tim Heidecker croons about our inevitable nuclear destruction on the latest Our First 100 Days

(Photo: David Buchan/Getty Images)

The Our First 100 Days project is continuing to build up a pretty kickass library of protest songs criticizing our all-caps-tweeting commander in chief, with artists like Toro Y Moi contributing their own musical efforts to life in Trumpland. Now, comedian and musician Tim Heidecker—no stranger to tossing his musical acumen into political fights—has added a new song to their efforts.


Given Heidecker’s usual output, it’s somewhat surprising that there’s no real joke at play in “Trump Talkin’ Nukes”; instead, it’s just a pretty piano ballad reflecting on the specter of nuclear annihilation that’s loomed over humanity for the last 70 years. Reflecting on his childhood, “growing up on Red Dawn, and WarGames, and ICBMs,” Heidecker doesn’t even mention the president until the final lines, when he indirectly namechecks him by singing, “But you can’t put the genie back / in fact, it’s a miracle it hasn’t happened yet / Crazy, how it only takes a maniac.”

Our First 100 Days is selling all its songs for a minimum donation of $30; according to the group, “all profits raised from Our First 100 Days will go directly to organizations working on the front lines of climate, women’s rights, immigration and fairness.”

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