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Tim Heidecker announces “somewhat earnest” solo album, tour

(Photo: Cara Robbins)
(Photo: Cara Robbins)

Tim Heidecker, he of dada comedy legend, has never been one to turn away from the succulent easy-listening appeal of AM Rock. Touted as Heidecker’s first solo release, his new album In Glendale features Heidecker singing ballads about his everyday domestic life, raising his daughter, and being a writer in LA. The press release notes that this will be a far more sincere collection of tracks than Heidecker’s previous musical outings, describing it as a ‘post-normcore delight.’

Listening to the debut single, and glancing at the track list, it isn’t entirely clear how balanced the aforementioned sincerity will be with Heidecker’s trademark irony. The chorus of the album’s first single, for example, has Tim exuberantly yelling, “I’m living in Glendale! North of Los Angeles…” (Fans of Heidecker’s seminal work about excrement, Urinal St. Station, fear not, as there will be a track entitled, “Cleaning up the dog shit.”) The album also promises a dark tale about Nicolas Cage and a David Gordon Green cameo. In Glendale is being released on Rado Records, a new imprint from Foxygen’s Jonathan Rado.

Heidecker will also be touring with a 10-piece band and Jonathan Rado at a few select locations, jamming out the new tunes along with some Heidecker classics.


The album will be released on May 20, and is available for pre-order now.


May 22 - Teragram Ballroom - Los Angeles, CA (Album Release Party)
May 30 - Sasquatch Festival - George, WA
May 31 - Mississippi Studios - Portland, OR
Jun. 2 - The Independent - San Francisco, CA
Jun. 3 - Hawlow’s - Sacramento, CA

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