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Well, the Beef Boys are at it again.

Today, Adult Swim dropped a trailer for Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim’s Beef House, a series that looks to evoke the TGIF satire of Kyle Mooney and Beck Bennett’s sitcom spoofs as it indulges in the gut-roiling absurdity of Heidecker and Wareheim’s previous Adult Swim work. Ron Austar, Tennessee Luke, and Ben Hur, Beef Boys one and all, are all alums of the pair’s Awesome Show, Great Job!.


The three of them, along with Heidecker and Wareheim, are a gaggle of pals wreaking wholesome havoc in a Full House-style home in the below trailer, which highlights its three-camera setup, laugh track, and throwback set design. The SopranosJamie-Lynn Sigler co-stars as the wife of Eric’s “high-strung stay-at-home dad.” Tim, meanwhile, is “a laid-back rock-and-roll slacker” with some serious Uncle Jesse vibes. Still, despite their differences, we’re guessing theirs is a bond that can’t be broken. As Tennessee Luke declares, “Beef Boys always keep their promise!”

We can’t wait to see what trouble the Beef Boys get into next when Beef House hits Adult Swim on March 29.

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