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Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories returns in November with half-hour special

(Image courtesy of Adult Swim)

Get ready for (even) more disturbing nighttime tales on Adult Swim, as the network has just announced that Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories will return on November 6 with a half-hour special. That’s twice the length of a regular episode, which means double the uneasy laughter, suspense, and hombres. The special will see Heidecker play a shady character who helps Wareheim’s Gary Royce master a “strange addiction” but for a price. What Wareheim will be prepared to pay remains to be seen, but we’re betting homemade ziti and Black Forest ham won’t quite cut it.

Heidecker and Wareheim wrote and directed the episode, and they’ll be joined by Johnny “Roast Beef” Williams (GoodFellas) and James Madio (Hook). The Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories special will air November 6 at 11:30PM ET.


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