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Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo takes flight in its first teaser

The trailer for Disney’s latest entry into its “if it ain’t broke, remake it” series of live-action redos, Dumbo, dropped earlier this morning, revealing the sad-faced lil’ guy whose tragic tale of maternal love will make viewers reach for their hankies come next March. It also reveals how much of an influence director Tim Burton—who began his career at Disney, and who played in a similar vintage circus sandbox in 2003's Big Fish—and his signature creepy-chic style will have over the film. It’s not a lot, but frankly, it’s more than we expected, with a brief shot of an Art Deco-inspired Dreamland marquee and some also briefly glimpsed, but still terrifying-looking clowns. And hey, Danny DeVito is there!

Elephants will fly when Dumbo hits theaters in March 2019.


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