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Tim Burton says “Yeah” to a Beetlejuice sequel with Winona Ryder

Like Prometheus being destined to have his liver repeatedly torn out by eagles, Tim Burton may also be eternally tormented for granting mankind a gift even greater than fire itself. In the director’s case, that means forever having to answer questions about a second Beetlejuice. Rumors about the return of the foul-mouthed ghost surfaced in October of last year, when Dark Shadows scribe Seth Grahame-Smith created a script that Burton must have found even more compelling than the unproduced Beetlejuice Goes Hawaiian sequel.

According to MTV News, Burton may be one step closer to again summoning the bio-exorcist to our plane of existence. Either that, or he’s just speeding through this part of the interview so he can get back to talking about Big Eyes.


Burton replies to the question of whether he’s directing another sequel with an “oh yeah” that sounds convincing, sort of. And when asked if Winona Ryder would return, he confirms, “oh yeah, yeah yeah yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah, oh yeah.” That’s nine times “yeah” is repeated, possibly a coded reference signalling the return of Jeffery Jones as well. (Or maybe not.)

Although it sounds more like nostalgia than prognosticating, Burton confesses his affection for the freedom of the Beetlejuice character, and has nothing but nice things to say about Ryder and Michael Keaton. And he did say “yeah,” so cross your fingers that if the sequel moves ahead, it will be good enough to warrant punishing him with questions about Beetlejuice 3.

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