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Tim Burton may revive The Addams Family with stop-motion animation

According to Coming Soon, producer Christopher Meledandri (Despicable Me) has confirmed that a new version of The Addams Family is moving forward, with an eye on doing it with old-fashioned stop-motion animation under the direction of Tim Burton. Having already spawned two live-action television series, two cartoons, two blockbuster films, and one Broadway show, The Addams Family is obviously one of the more picked-over properties in American pop culture, but Meledandri hopes to give it a fresh spin by going back to Charles Addams’ original comic strips for The New Yorker. There have even been rumors that the film will be entirely in black-and-white, although Meledandri insists that they’re “just now at the story phase” and haven’t yet made any decisions. (If we were betting men, however, we’d put it all on “3-D.”)


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