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Back in the good ol’ days, Fridays used to mean something. “TGIF,” these modern youngsters ironically holler on the way out of their TikTok factories and back to their avocado-shaped tiny homes, oblivious to what those letters once stood for. There was a time when we would shout “TGIF!” with pride as we gathered ’round the picture tube to watch family yuk-it-ups like Step By Step and Boy Meets World and the one with the little Urkel boy. Those days are long gone, like mee-maw’s good teeth and the dignity of the presidential office. But two fine young men have taken it upon themselves to remind this country of what it once had and so carelessly lost, by single (or double)-handedly restoring the sanctity to the name of TGIF. Thank God It’s Friday (or maybe Tuesday? Could be airing on a Wednesday, who knows).

Those men are Tim and Eric, and they’re giving folks a proper throwback to the blessed sitcoms of yore with Beef House—a right manly name, if you ask us. Tim and Eric will bring us back to the family values Korn and Limp Bizkit once tried (and failed) so valiantly to resurrect with a story about five men, one woman (the way the American lord intended), and one boy living in a house together. This gosh darn sitcom masterpiece will premiere sometime later this year (no more than a stone’s throw from yonder, we reckon) on Adult Swim, and is described as what this here says:

Tim, a laid-back rock-and-roll slacker, and his best friend Eric, a high-strung stay-at-home husband, find themselves in the middle of a madcap misadventure that can only be traversed with the help of their fellow Beef Boys.


If’n you find yourself curious about these courageous men, Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim are currently on tour and if’n you’re lucky, they might be comin’ to a gatherin’ shack near you.

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