Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim have hung their television hats and dropped their movie pants. But now they’ve put on something new: author gloves. Zone Theory, a self-help book of sorts, is the newest creative effort from the absurdist comedy duo. The book promises to “instantly provide wellness, happiness, and total, absolute fulfillment”, according to a press release announcing the project.

The whole thing is an obvious send-up of the world of new age spiritualism—well, mainly Scientology—presented in the quintessential Tim and Eric milieu. The press release promises “an array of design elements-charts, photographs, sidebars, and ‘advertisements’” that recall the psychedelic mixed-media approach of Tim And Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!.


The tome of enlightenment will manifest itself on July 7. To coincide with the release, Tim and Eric are going on tour; touted as “self-help lectures,” the shows should complement the book in an appropriately cult-like and nightmarish fashion. The Palm Springs date even coyly promises a “special overnight event,” whatever that means. (We’re guessing something to do with pure white pajamas and group poop baths.) Venues for the tour have yet to be announced, but here’s a list of cities:

July 8th – New York City, NY
July 9th – Chicago, IL
July 12th – Palm Springs, CA*
July 13th – Los Angeles, CA
July 14th – San Francisco, CA
July 15th – Portland, OR
July 16th – Seattle, WA

*Special Overnight Event

An announcement video teases some of the potential tour and book content, including mind-blowing wisdom like “talk to your diarrhea and get real sound advice” and “Ba’Hee is a turkey man that I worship.” The whole Zone Theory experience appears to do what Tim and Eric do best: put a goof on reality in order to reveal how unseemly, dark, and weird reality actually is.