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Tim Allen might be ready to return to television, making generalizations about manhood

Tim Allen will make his return to both series television and keeping the flame for modern masculinity with the prospective ABC series Man Up, which will find Allen starring in a multi-camera sitcom throwback on the network that first launched Home Improvement—and with it, Allen’s career and that monkey grunting routine your dad did for a while—some 20 years ago. The show will likely star Allen as “a guy whose manhood is under siege in a world of women,” which sounds familiar, right fellas? All these women with their women rules, inhibiting a man’s freedom to watch the sports with our scrotums hanging out, and things of that nature. Anyway, despite its old-fashioned sitcom trappings and a premise that might have been discovered on some recently unearthed stone tablets from a group of Sumeria Lampoon writers or something, it’s got Jack Burditt (30 Rock, Frasier) as the head showrunner, so that’s sort of promising.


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