If you happen to be in the Scottish town of Nairn this weekend, keep an eye out for a colorful truck with a movie screen on its side. Then stop by, check out some flicks, and say hello to Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton. For the past week, Swinton and a troupe of friends and volunteers have been taking "The Screen Machine" from one small Scottish community to another—sometimes dragging the equipment up steep hills and across muddy roads, in homage to Werner Herzog's Fitzcarraldo and Les Blank's documentary Burden Of Dreams—and showing a few movies before heading down the road. Now that the traveling party has reached Nairn (Swinton's hometown), it's settled in for the next four days, and will be screening the likes of Sullivan's Travels, Brigadoon, A Canterbury Tale, M. Hulot's Holiday and, of course, Burden Of Dreams. For more about where this pilgrimage has been and what they've done, check out the website.