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Any scrub can have a good night out at a bar. It takes people with determination (and at least a $10 bill in their wallet) to turn an Applebee’s into the hottest club in the neighborhood. One such visionary, a TikTok user named Vinny Wilson, did just that on a night out to soak in the ambience and down cheap cocktails at the much maligned restaurant.


Wilson’s video, reposted on Twitter by @BourbonAndBeer, is like a second act Judd Apatow comedy sequence come to life. Across a series of little snapshots, we see Wilson and some friends trying to find out how many $1 Strawberry Lemonade Vodka drink specials they could take down. They walk across the parking lot shouting “Applebee’s, baby!” then get to work. Each drink is counted off in videos framed by Wilson’s face, an occasional swivel over to a pal, and giant mugs of chain restaurant cocktails.

At the second drink, Wilson says he’s “still not feeling anything, man.” At four, his eyes start to droop a little. At five, he laughs as he says he’s “kinda feeling it.” At six, he says something hard to understand about, maybe (?) the waitress being “cool and engaged.” At number “six-seven-eight-nine,” Wilson looks wrecked. The friend next to him at the bar then offers a pitch-perfect punchline: “We’ve been here for an hour now.” Some time later, in the back of a car, Wilson looks into the camera wide-eyed to proclaim, “Apple ... Applebee’s ... Applebee’s was sick! You get ... dog! [?] Gugh!”

Considering that, back in 2017, Applebee’s was having hard time figuring out how to appeal to the youth, well, it kind of looks like they’ve just been given a tip for how to shore up that demographic. Keep the $1 drinks coming and Applebee’s might just have a chance to become the premier destination for getting black-out drunk on social media.

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