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Tiffany Haddish deploys her Lady Of Rage to trounce Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

Tiffany Haddish, Jimmy Fallon
Screenshot: The Tonight Show

Tiffany Haddish continued her mission to make even this benighted world just a little bit brighter when she showed up on The Tonight Show on Thursday. Always game for whatever, the comic, actress, Emmy winner, and all-around happiness factory started out by taking control of one of host Jimmy Fallon’s most well-trod bits, busting out a pair of supremely energetic lip-sync renditions of James Brown’s “Sex Machine” (complete with cape, B&W old school verisimilitude, and a little touch of the robot), and a straight-up killer performance of Lady Of Rage’s 1994 hit “Afro Puffs.”

Catching her breath on the couch afterwards, Haddish was—wait for it—delightful, wishing for an Oscar boyfriend for her shiny new Emmy (for hosting Saturday Night Live), and telling Fallon about her recent Instagram-aided search for an actual, non-statuary boyfriend. (Marlon Wayans is out, although she did appreciate his elaborately disreputable online come-on.) Talking about her no-doubt scene-stealing role in Tyler Perry’s new movie, Nobody’s Fool (it’s one of Perry’s rare R-rated jams, so Haddish should have some room to work), the actress told Fallon that she and the director bonded over their shared past of living rough and sleeping in their cars while trying to make it.

Ascertaining that Fallon never had to sleep in his Geo Metro, Haddish shook her head at Fallon’s “white privilege” before noting that she’s also looking to Perry’s rags-to-riches story of entertainment empire-building as a career model. To that end, Haddish his soon setting out on a stand-up tour in preparation for an upcoming Netflix special. Surprising no one, the indefatigable Haddish told Fallon that she’s already got two or three hours of material stored up, but, since Netflix is only paying for a one-hour special, that’s all they’re going to get. That’s some prime mogul logic right there.


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