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Ti West, purveyor of the atmospheric, slow-burning horror film, and Eli Roth, purveyor of the complete opposite of that, are combining forces on a new movie titled The Sacrament. Plot details have yet to be revealed (though the title certainly suggests something religious-themed, such as a communion wafer that takes and eats of you). What is known is that the film is already due to begin shooting next month, with West coming off the cult success of The House Of The Devil, The Innkeepers, and his contribution to the recent Sundance hit V/H/S, and directing what Roth, as producer, says he believes will be West's "first mainstream movie," whatever that means. It's not the first time they've been linked, of course: West directed the sequel to Roth's own Cabin Fever, later disowning it when he became disenchanted during post-production with the changes the studio demanded. That film showed that West was certainly capable of playing to Roth's particular gore fetish, but now that he's more firmly established his own cinematic voice, perhaps The Sacrament can be a true halfway split between their sensibilities? Like, someone's eyeball gets pulled out, but it takes 45 minutes.


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