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Thurston Moore takes brave anti-black metal stance

Risking career suicide and the rejection of his peers, Thurston Moore has dared to speak out against the black metal conspiracy that currently dominates popular music. Moore took the controversial step of condemning a form of deliberately alienating anti-music popular among society’s most misanthropic members in a press release for his band Chelsea Light Moving, stating plainly and without fear:

Black Metal is music made by pussies of the lowest order, and we felt it was necessary to investigate this aberrant anti-music behavior. We feel like the sound and attitude of black metal is a loss of self, life, light and desire in a way where it becomes so negative that a whole new bliss arrives where we become super pussy.


It takes real courage to take such an unequivocal stance against a group tainted by its association with neo-Nazi ideology, especially by throwing around a word that another group of people about whom Moore has talked shit will not find funny in the least. He probably won’t get invited to any more jam sessions with that black metal supergroup he recorded with, either.

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