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Thurston Moore calls Jezebel “gender fascists” for not understanding why he cheated on Kim Gordon

Illustration for article titled Thurston Moore calls iJezebel/i “gender fascists” for not understanding why he cheated on Kim Gordon

Earlier this week, Thurston Moore basically admitted to cheating on Kim Gordon, from whom he’s now divorced. In an interview with The Fly, Moore said he’s “in a really romantic place” with his girlfriend, and that they’ve been “a couple for close to six years,” though “a lot of those years nobody was aware of it except us.” He’s not wrong there, considering Moore and Gordon’s actual split wasn’t announced until October of 2011—a mere two-and-a-half years ago.

As expected, Moore’s admission led to a shitstorm on the blogosphere, with sites like Flavorwire calling out the lanky guitar player for being “a dick.” Feminist blog Jezebel followed suit, calling Moore “a dickhole” while also reaffirming its position that Gordon “is still possibly the coolest woman in the world.”

Also as expected, Moore hasn’t taken kindly to being called out on his cheating. He took to Facebook to write a now-deleted post that blasted Jezebel for its “gender fascism,” alleging that the site couches its “imperialist blather” in feminism, showing “a distinct lack of class.” He goes on to say that, while he’s “sure they’re having a bit of online fun,” he hopes that “when they grow up, maybe they’ll glean the complexities of real life and love.”


While Moore’s argument is probably one Lena Dunham would agree with, it’s still a pretty defensive reaction, considering the context. Moore’s interview with The Fly was obviously honest about what it means to be in a 25-year-relationship, but there’s still no indication that Gordon actually knew Moore was cheating on her, or that the pair had a mutually agreed-upon open relationship.

All that being said, no one besides Moore and Gordon knows exactly what went down in that relationship, so maybe, as Spin argues, it’s best to just stop talking about it. Sonic Youth’s too great to, as Spin says, have “their legacy devolve into inflammatory social-media comments and online gossip.” So let’s all just go listen to Daydream Nation instead.

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