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In 2011, after 14 years together, the post-hardcore act Thursday disbanded. Having come of age during the ‘90s D.I.Y. boom, the band channeled elements of Ebullition Records-style hardcore and the heart-on-sleeve lyricism of emo to make an abrasively introspective concoction of its very own. Though it wasn’t alone in doing so, Thursday would take this sound to new heights with the release of Full Collapse in 2001. But before the band was selling out clubs, it was part of New Jersey’s underground community, which is the exact audience the band’s debut, 1999’s Waiting, was meant for.


Since the band’s dissolution vocalist Geoff Rickly has kept busy with new projects like United Nations, but he’s also launched a record label called Collect Records. This March Collect Records released a 15-year anniversary edition of Waiting, which saw the record remastered and packaged with a 7-inch of demos that didn’t make the album proper. The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “This Side Of Brightness,” which collects photos and videos from the band’s career, including rare glimpses of Thursday’s earliest days together. The video offers a look at the band’s career from basement show heroes to its rapid rise and eventual demise, all of which started with Waiting.

Pre-orders for the second pressing of Waiting’s anniversary edition are available now through Collect Records.

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