The wild packs of Wahlbergs that normally roam the streets of Boston will face a powerful adversary tomorrow, as mayor Martin J. Walsh has declared Thursday, April 9, 2015 to be Riot Grrrl Day in the city.

The proclamation was made with the help of Joyce Linehan, Chief of Policy for the City of Boston, who says, “Kathleen was all about the collective, and it was a real team effort putting this together. There are a lot of Riot Grrrls in the building [at City Hall].” The Kathleen in question is, of course, unofficial Riot Grrrl-in-chief Kathleen Hanna, who will give a talk on “art, music, writing, trends, women, and more” at the Wilbur Theatre tomorrow night.


Tickets are still available for the event, although celebrating the day by putting an entire package of plastic barrettes in your hair and pushing your way to the front of the coffee-shop line while yelling “Girls to the front!” is also an option. Dedicated Riot Grrrls experiencing mixed emotions about their movement being legitimized by a man’s signature are encouraged to express those feelings in zine form. The proclamation, signed by Mayor Walsh, is below.