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ThugKitchen offers up some charming-ass summer recipes, bitches

The Internet's new favorite foodie blog is ThugKitchen, a handy source of delicious, simple-to-prepare recipes that reads like an issue of Martha Stewart Living guest-edited by Zodiac Motherfucker. "What the fuck did you have for lunch?" asks one headline. "If it wasn't a summer tempeh sammie, take the afternoon off and reevaluate some shit."

Each recipe maintains its thuggish tone through an ingredient list ("2 medium grapefruits or 1 big son of a bitch") and helpful instructions ("I'm not gonna tell you how to eat guacamole, just follow your fucking heart"). Thus far, the site is dominated by breezy, summer-themed recipes and heavy cursing. Motherfucking Lavendar Lemonade ("Calm your bitch ass down like a boss!"), Goddamn Roasted Strawberry Salad ("It's like plant nachos"), and Blackberry Bourbon Fizz ("How about a nice glass of chill the fuck out?"), along side worthwhile health tips ("Antioxidants are all up in this bitch.")

So. this summer, knock your friends in the teeth with a motherfucking flavor explosion. Peace out.


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