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Throw yourself into the gnashing teeth of every Game Of Thrones season 7 trailer at once

Screenshot: YouTube

Forget “peak TV”—have we reached peak Game Of Thrones? Probably not. After all, we are only experiencing the build-up to the penultimate set of episodes; its actual series finale, whenever it comes, will be wave after wave of hype, a flood of trailers and vignettes and remembrances and fan theory primers that will climax, obviously, in a scene in which one of the dragons looks directly into the camera and says, “It sure was a crazy game of thrones,” after which the credits will roll on the greatest television conclusion since M.A.S.H.

Perhaps in anticipation of that moment, here is a montage of all of the previous season seven trailers stitched together into one larger trailer. It is a meta commentary on the experience of anticipating Game Of Thrones, but it is also, in its way, it is a trip through memory lane. Where were you the first time you saw the first trailer, or the Spanish trailer, or the hint-laden promotional posters? Were you sneaking a peek at work, or in a bus on your cellphone, or did you watch it a week later at home? Is this your first time seeing all of them? Will you now be forced to go back and experience all of the trailers as they were originally envisioned, or will this fan edit be the canonical Game Of Thrones season seven trailer experience for you?


Anyway, it all looks awesome. Bring on the ice dragons, or whatever. The show returns July 16.

[via Gizmodo]

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