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Throw a party and invite everyone you know: a Golden Girls cruise is coming soon

Screenshot: YouTube

Picture it: Miami, 2020. Fans will soon get to board a Golden Girls-themed cruise. Honestly, this development is better than even your best cheesecake.

The cruise will embark on February 24, 2020 from Miami and will make stops at Key West and Cozumel, Mexico before returning on Feb 29. A cabin will reportedly cost $1000 per guest and the voyage will include a “One Night in St. Olaf” dance party and a “The Rusty Anchor Karaoke Party,” where anyone can get the chance to be Dorothy Zbornak for an evening. It’ll also likely include days of hearing, “Oh, I’m definitely the Sophia of my group,” but if there were ever an environment fitting for such declarations, it would be this one.


While the sitcom ended in 1992, it continues to cultivate a very lively fan base thanks to its syndicated presence. After hosting a number of highly successful Golden Girls bar crawls, Minneapolis-based party promoters Flip Phone Events chose to take the fun to the high seas. 

“The show was and is still groundbreaking,” Flip Phone co-owner Chad Kampe told Hornet. “They tackled issues like HIV/AIDS, sexuality and aging with such grace and humor.”

The obvious question here is, will guests get to play a few tipsy rounds of Golden Girls Clue? A cruise isn’t a cruise without some stolen desserts and a good mystery.

[Via LGBTQ Nation]


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