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In a shared lesson in both vocabulary, and the staying power of danceable, werewolf-themed grooves, Variety is reporting that Michael Jackson’s Thriller has become America’s first trigintuple—that is, 30 times—platinum-selling album. (That’s 30 million copies sold, for those of you that don’t grok record label metal jargon.)

The announcement comes not long after the album’s 33rd anniversary on November 30, with the RIAA confirming and reaffirming Thriller’s place as the best-selling album ever (with more than 100 million copies—or centuple-platinum, for those of you playing along at home—being sold worldwide).


Anyway, we’ll see you back here again in a few more years, when a combination of “Billie Jean”-based fanaticism and lazy-minded Halloween mixtape formation forces us all to learn whatever the hell the tuple word for 40 is. (Just kidding, it’s totally “quadragintuple.” Now, have fun impressing your friends at parties!)

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