There’s no time to read everything on the Internet. Here are three pieces you shouldn’t miss.

• Bloomberg Businessweek has a short piece on comedian/Twitter favorite Rob Delaney and how his tweets about Mitt Romney often overshadow Romney’s own social-media efforts. It’s worth reading because Delaney’s a funny guy but also as an illustration of how hard, even with tremendous financial resources, it remains to leverage the Internet in one’s favor—particularly when there are those like Delaney who can foil those attempts through wit alone.


• Over at Slate, John Swansburg has an article on Karate Kid director John Avildsen’s YouTube channel, which is home to hours of rehearsal footage that amount to a shadow version of the 1984 film (and includes whole scenes not featured in the final cut).

• Finally, Steven Hyden, a name somewhat familiar around these parts, has a fine piece up on Grantland about Black Sabbath and what the group’s continued existence says about classic rock as it gasps its last breaths.