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Notable non-lady actors Michael Kenneth Williams, Matt Walsh, and Andy Garcia have all reportedly joined the cast of the upcoming, no-longer-all-female Ghostbusters movie, directed by known male Paul Feig. That brings the gender ratio of the cast to a dangerously realistic 4:4, a balance that’s unacceptable in Hollywood comedies, where gender parity is only allowed in the form of separate but equal sequels. Luckily, Cecily Strong has also joined the cast in an unknown role, bringing the total to five women (Strong, Melissa McCarthy,Kristen Wiig, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon) and four men (Chris Hemsworth, Williams, Walsh, and Garcia) and restoring the female-centric bias.

Like Strong, the roles the fellas will play in the film remain rather mysterious, with one exception. Williams’ and Walsh’s characters are simply referred to as “Hawkins” and “Rourke,” but Garcia will play the very specific role of Mayor of New York City. In addition, NY1 morning anchor Pat Kiernan has joined the cast as a news anchor, but as we all know, news anchors are grown in pods, and thus, despite the superficial traits they display in order to make the viewing public comfortable, are asexual.


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