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Thousands protest Family Guy death with petition, because that's how we handle things now

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Remember the time Family Guy decided it would be “fun to shake things up” by [leftover spoiler alert] killing off its most likable character, introducing a tough-talking Italian gangster dog, pretending as though this was a creative decision made to reenergize the show, and then we all went to the house from Silver Spoons? [Cutaway to an angry, yelling mob riding a miniature train past Rick Schroeder.] As with every modern, minor pop culture controversy, reaction was both swift and swiftly a mockery of genuine social causes, with nearly 40,000 pouring into Change.org to sign a petition demanding that Seth MacFarlane and the Fox Broadcasting Company resurrect their cartoon dog immediately. The White House’s own petition site has not been involved—yet.

Earlier this morning, it looked as though rallying thousands to protest Family Guy’s dead fake dog policy might have been a tad immoderate: Deadline reported on the sudden appearance of a website, BriansAnnouncement.com, where a countdown clock marks time until “a special announcement from Brian” that is ostensibly some 10 days away. However, following some sleuthing by ComicBook.com, it was determined that the website isn’t registered through Fox, with Fox later confirming to Deadline that it is “a hoax and was not created by anyone connected to the show, studio or network.” So now we must await the creation, and subsequent signing, of a petition demanding it be revealed who’s behind BriansAnnouncement.com, before we can at last get at the truth.

Or, alternately, we could wait a few weeks, until Family Guy inevitably resurrects the popular, widely merchandised character it happened to kill just before the holiday shopping season.


In the meantime, this equally important and compelling petition has appeared, which we urge you all to sign, in order to make your voices heard.

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