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Thousands of Bolivians took to the streets to protest a Simpsons time slot change

Taking a cue from the show itself, thousands of Bolivians responded to a timeslot change for The Simpsons by taking to the streets in an angry mob. And seeing as there’s no justice like angry mob justice, it worked: The Simpsons was restored to its original place on the nation’s Unitel network, and given two whole hours to run instead of just 45 minutes. Bolivians were then free to move on to other fun angry mob activities, like heading down to the old mill and getting some cocaine cider.

Below is video of the protest, which is in Spanish without subtitles—though you should have no trouble understanding the passion of a Simpsons fan who’s been robbed of their classic reruns and obviously doesn’t have much else to do that day. Nearly 2,000 of them crowded the streets during heavy rain to make their voices heard, many of them wearing homemade costumes. “Where’s Poochie?” all the other protesters should be asking, when they’re not shouting. He’s at 0:33.

Meanwhile, American viewers reacted to the mere intimation that The Simpsons could have its timeslot changed by cracking each other’s heads open and feasting on the goo inside. Or, simply watching it on the Internet.


[via io9]

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