Screenshot: CNN Money: Trump Tower

With all its taunting and name-calling, the current election has brought American politics right down to the level of the schoolyard. And that trend will continue even after the voting is over and the winner has been declared, thanks in part to a Facebook event called Point And Laugh At Trump Tower On November 9th. That’s right: This is an excuse for some good, old-fashioned, post-election mockery in the face of unprecedented hubris. The organizers of this event plan to convene in front of Trump’s eponymous residence on Manhattan’s 5th Avenue at 9:00 Eastern Wednesday morning specifically to gloat over the owner’s (still presumed at the time of this writing) failure in his grossly misguided bid for the presidency. Similar demonstrations are scheduled for other Trump-branded buildings in Chicago and Washington. The organizers explain the motivation behind the event this way:

On November 9th, the day after Donald Trump has cemented himself forever in history as a Loser, let’s have Americans of all stripes and creeds gather at his office to point and laugh. Together, we as a nation, will unite to let Mr. Trump know that we all view him as a tiny, little man undeserving of our respect. What a fun day this will be! Please invite as many people as you want.


Unsportsmanlike as it is, this event is nevertheless a fitting comeuppance for the man behind such unkind epithets as “Lyin’ Ted,” “Crooked Hillary,” and “Little Marco.” If anyone deserves such schadenfreude, it’s Trump.