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Illustration for article titled Those with non-Piz-related problems with the iVeronica Mars/i movie may get a refund

While Friday’s release of the Veronica Mars movie provoked a lot of excitement among its many eager supporters, some of that excitement is apparently still buffering. Since then, the project’s Kickstarter page has seen numerous complaints in the comments from donors who are upset about the film’s digital debut, where it was available only through Flixster or UltraViolet (basically, the UPN and CW of streaming services). This meant that backers who made the movie possible weren’t allowed to actually keep the copy they were promised in return, while some in foreign countries weren’t allowed to access it all—and still others just became frustrated with the slow feed, spurring them to buy it off of iTunes or Amazon instead.


After director Rob Thomas issued an update apologizing for the issues, and asserting that Warner Bros. planned on making it right, The Hollywood Reporter says the studio will issue “$10 or a full refund” to those who contacted customer support and told them they opted to buy the movie elsewhere or see it in theaters. Meanwhile, those who contacted customer support demanding “More Piz” were immediately hung up on.

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