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Those Will Ferrell ads sure are selling a lot of Dodge Durangos

Whatever Dodge is paying Will Ferrell for those Ron Burgundy ads he made for the 2014 Durango (complete with 0.1 cubic feet of glove box storage space), it's totally worth it. The approximately 70 spots he filmed with the help of the Funny Or Die crew—the ones currently being sprinkled across every conceivable form of media—are definitely moving some cars. AdAge reports that sales for the SUV were up 59 percent for the month of October, when the campaign was first unveiled, and up 50 percent for the year. And one Dodge exec says they've "seen almost an 80-percent increase in web traffic alone" since its launch. That spike is kind of a big deal, considering that, with its $31,000 sticker price, the Dodge Durango is not exactly an impulse buy. It's a pretty impressive feat to make a person take out an auto loan, just because you know how to be funny in a retro suit. It would seem as though Ron Burgundy is indeed the balls. [via UPROXX]

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