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Those Who Kill killed, presumably by those who kill

After just two episodes, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that A&E has pulled its detective drama Those Who Kill from their Monday night lineup. Those Who Kill, a procedural based on a Danish showwas supposed to capitalize off of the ratings success of Bates Motel, but it failed to capitalize on its lead-in. (In fact, Those Who Kill lost about half of the Bates audience in its two airings.) A&E’s patience, apparently, is limited. Bates Motel will now move to 10 p.m., putting it directly before A&E’s real sleeper hit, Bates Motel: After Hours. At some point, the remaining episodes of Those Who Kill will be burned off, for those of you who want to see if Detective Chloë Sevigny can figure out who those who kill killed, and when, and how, and who.


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