Providing yet more welcome Community-related news that is not actually related to the goings-on of Community—and yet you got a notification anyway, and oh how it stings—former Community producers Anthony and Joe Russo are in final negotiations to direct that Captain America sequel they were said to be in the running for in March, back when they still actually had something to do with Community. Anyway, on to bigger, more expensive things: The duo have reportedly won the job after beating out contenders like F. Gary Gray and George Nolfi, with their background in TV shows like Arrested Development and the lowered expectations of big-screen comedies like Welcome To Colinwood and You, Me, And Dupree no doubt making them more attractive to Marvel executives, who have had good luck so far making similar gambles on people like Jon Favreau and Kenneth Branagh. Also potentially arguing for the Russos getting the job: Their ability to dish out important scenes from Captain America's past through the use of quick cutaway gags.