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Those Breaking Bad sequel rumors sometimes fool Aaron Paul, too

In the three years since Breaking Bad ended, there’s been a prequel spin-off, as well as multiple film and TV projects for its leads. But neither time nor The Path has cooled fans’ ardor for more of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. People are even slapping the AMC logo onto Photoshopped posters of a supposed sequel series. It’s enough to confuse less observant viewers, and, on occasion, Aaron Paul. At least, that’s what Paul told Conan O’Brien last night.


When not dealing with all the “bitches” being hurled reverentially at him on the street, Paul is sifting through reboot/sequel rumors. It’s not going to happen, he admits, but he gets a kick out of seeing these things, too. His Conan visit also saw Paul recount just how many shits the network gave about Breaking Bad—that would be six. Paul says that early on, creator Vince Gilligan shared the network’s profanity mandate, which gave them unlimited “bitches,” six “shits,” and exactly one “fuck” per episode. (If you guessed that O’Brien made a “sounds like a typical night/year for me” joke, you’d be right.)

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