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Thor tries to pay rent in Marvel’s new Team Thor short

Thor: You want him around when the world is in danger, but not when you’re trying to pay rent. In the first Team Thor short from Taika Waititi, Thor plagued his roommate Darryl by visiting him at work and leaving Mjolnir around the house. The sequel, however, reveals that the Asgardian also doesn’t really get how money works on Earth. In the short, Darryl needs cash for rent, and Thor provides him with a pumpkin and coins that he says are worth a “gazillion” dollars.

The superhero is also resistant to getting a job, and has taken to wearing some aggressively patterned board shorts—and no shirt. Though Marvel posted this clip today, the entirety of the mockumentary is available if you purchase Doctor Strange on Digital HD.


[via Screencrush]

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